My name is Carole Ann Block. I live down on the South coast in Kent, where I’ve been living now for 23 years. I’m a practising Reiki Master/Teacher. I mention the word ‘practising’ because there are Reiki Masters who mainly teach, others who give attunements without any teaching and others who rarely teach and predominantly treat clients. I try to keep a balance between teaching and practising as it’s only through balance in all areas of one’s life you can fully be complete and particularly with using Reiki energy to both treat clients and attune students it does become a way of life really, a very special one.
I’ve found over the years that by being totally open Reiki offers you everything you need in your life when you’re ready for them. I was invited by the UK Reiki Federation to help them promote the Federation and Reiki to the general public, so for a year I worked within their PR and marketing division and as a result we had really extensive coverage from the national press, received invitations from national magazines to give their editorial staff Reiki treatments and when the BBC were researching for their complementary health series in 2006 we were their first point of contact. We significantly increased the public’s awareness of Reiki. I was invited to be interviewed on BBC Radio Kent talking about how Reiki has improved my life and on My Spirit Radio talking about the Japanese influences within Western-style Reiki. In 2006 I was asked by the
Reiki Regulatory Working Group, a working group made up of Reiki Associations and other organisations such as the British Complementary Medicine Association, The Princes Foundation for Integrated Health, The Complementary Therapists Association and The Federation of Holistic Therapists, to help them promote the fact that Reiki needs be more widely accepted as a complementary health practice alongside Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and many other therapies. .This was by going the route of Voluntary Self Regulation and the setting up of a Practitioner Register so that the general public could be reassured of its place alongside other accepted forms of alternative and complementary therapies.
I welcome every opportunity of showing and telling people how Reiki can help them. During Reiki Awareness Week, an annual event, I offer free Reiki treatments on a donation basis and give the proceeds to charity. Over the years I’ve been able to help many clients overcome a wide range of health problems and many have become firm friends. I recommend that if you’re considering having a Reiki treatment to come and see me for an initial free consultation. I’ll take a short, confidential medical history/lifestyle information from you which will establish your needs and you’ll feel more comfortable about deciding if you want to book in for some treatments. If there’s anything else you wish to know about Reiki please feel free to phone or email me.