How many treatments should someone have and how long does it last?
I usually advise a minimum of three. The first treatment can be anything between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on how long the practitioner feels is appropriate. If, for example, I was treating a client for the first time who had serious health problems I would recommend a shorter treatment as some people can find Reiki very intense at first.

What illnesses can it help?
It's widely accepted now that 85% of illnesses can originate from emotional issues, often deep-seated. This means that Reiki is often able to help people suffering from a wide range of health problems from migraines to phobias, depression to psoriasis, arthritis to insomnia.

Does it always work?
We all have choices. The Reiki practitioner doesn't ‘channel energy into anyone’ but helps someone make a connection to their own energy. If they do not wish to do that, it is their choice.

How does a treatment feel?
Each person will have a different experience because in a Reiki treatment the energy is directed to areas in the body wherever it's needed. A client receiving several successive treatments is likely to experience differences with each one.

Can you explain distance/remote healing?
All living things are connected to the same energy; we are all energetically linked. By acknowledging the person who wants healing and you want to help, you create a safe place so healing can begin. Animals respond particularly well to distance healing as it can sometimes be difficult to treat an animal other than your own, and I work with animals as frequently as I do with people. I'm a member of the Distant Healing Network.You can find out more about treating animals with remote healing at, a website I’m involved with and which will be ready later soon.

Do I need to stop taking prescribed medication?
Only if you have discussed this with whoever has prescribed it. It's always helpful to inform your Doctor if you're undergoing complementary or alternative health treatments.

How long does it take to learn Reiki?
I always leave a minimum of 3 months between teaching Levels One and Two. Many people stay at Level One and choose not to progress to Level Two (Practitioner Level). You learn at your own pace, but a minimum of one year is recommended between taking Level Two and Master Level.

How do I find the right person to teach me?
Traditionally in Japan no great importance was put on the lineage of Reiki. In the West, however, we ask for a Master/Teacher's lineage to ensure that we are receiving Usui Reiki. All lineages go back to Mikao Usui. My traditional Western lineage is — Margaret Hunn —Amravati Mitchell —Simon Treselyan — June Woods— Jerry Farley — Florence O'Neal —Phyllis Lei Furomoto — Hawayo Takata — Chujiro Hayashi — Mikao Usui. My Japanese lineage is — Mari Stevens — Chris Marsh —Suzuki San — Mikao Usui. Your teacher should be readily available to help you at any point of your study, so it's preferable that person lives within easy travelling distance. They should also be willing to have regular meetings/Reiki shares that a student may attend if they wish between learning Levels 1, 2 and 3 as each student will develop at a different pace through choice or personal situation. It's also helpful to have a treatment to see how you feel with the teacher;how you resonate with them.

What's the difference between an attunement, an initiation and an empowerment?
An attunement is a Western variation of a Reiju (blessing) offered by a Reiki teacher to a student whenever it seems appropriate. An attunement is a series of sacred symbols drawn and placed into certain energy centres of the student's body which has the effect of ‘opening up’ their ability to use Reiki energy. An initiation is the whole ceremony of which an attunement forms a part.