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Reiki is now established as a complementary therapy that can have life-changing effects on many people who experience its gentle yet effective ways of improving imbalances in their lives. This can be either from receiving treatments or/and learning how to use it for themselves where it can help at many levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
There are over 1 million practitioners worldwide, countless books on the subject and billions of words written about all aspects of Reiki – how and where it originated, how it feels, how it works, how it can help overcome deep-seated health problems and many other aspects. It can be very confusing as to which direction to go and where to start looking to find out more and, importantly, is it for you?
As a practising Reiki Master/Teacher for many years I can say with all my heart that Reiki will always be an individual experience at all levels. If you are one of those people who are still undecided about whether you would like to delve deeper, but are unsure as to where to go or who to talk to, let me say here that it will be only by finding someone who really resonates with you that you will find the answers to your questions. Finding them and acting on them is a deeply personal choice. I hope that here you find some guidance.
Mikao Usui was born in Japan on 15th August, 1865. He re-discovered a way of focusing the energy that supports all living things, from a field mouse to a shooting star, so that it was possible to improve any energy imbalances in a person’s body and restore it to a state of homeostasis, enabling the body to function again at optimum levels. His story has been told by many and passed to many, evolving along the way as things often do.
Without doubt he alone is responsible for helping countless people outside of conventional medicine improve their health. Reiki provides a means towards personal or spiritual development, helps resolve deep-seated emotional issues and joins together people from many backgrounds and belief systems. They all share a common goal in helping others find what they have found through Reiki - a simple but effective way of improving lives that continues today and will do so long into the future.
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Like stars, mists and candle flames
Mirages, dewdrops and water bubbles
Like dreams, lightning and clouds-
In that way I view all existence.
- Mikao Usui 1923